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Is Your Business Passing the Eye Test?

I have built several of my contracting businesses by simply doing one thing... making our sales materials, our men in the field, our logo and brand, and everything that came in contact with a customer... look like a million bucks! Guys and Girls, there is just no way...

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Time is on your side, yes it is!

Get a hold of your time or lose the daily game of advancing your contracting business!     OK, OK, Huddle up...Here is the Play... "The sooner that you can control your time, the more productive and successful you and your contracting business becomes."...

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Job Site Rules

Even if you are small with a few guys and say to yourself, "I don't need any rules because I am always on the site with the guys"...this post is for YOU! Because that is exactly the problem. You solve any problems by BEING THERE! But you are not solving the bigger and...

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